Riot Squad 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt Range

This week we are taking a closer look at the best selling Riot Squad 10ml Nic Salt Hybrid range, there are plenty of varied flavours to choose from which should cater for most vapers tastes so we got Simon to try the full range of the Hybrid flavours which kept him busy!

You can find the Riot Squad range here:
RRP £4.99 Sale price = £3.99 (Save 20%)
Or better still you can get any 5 for £15 (£3 each)

I predict a riot..........

Riot Squad Nic Salt Hybrid at Primes Vapes

What are Nic Salts and what's the difference?
Compared to traditional E-liquid, nicotine salts deliver a nicotine hit much quicker, in as little as six seconds. They are usually offered in a 50/50 ratio and are best enjoyed with low power setups, such as vape pods or vape pens.

Nic salts allow vapers to use higher nicotine strengths with less of the harsh throat hit, compared to traditional E-liquids they offer a much smoother throat hit.

For me; Nic Salts are my main vape, the first time I tried them I just loved the boost of flavour you get due to the lack of the nicotine taste which is more subdued, but it was the next morning that got me hooked, for the first time since I started vaping I got that ciggie like head rush, damn I missed that and now I could get it again, due to the faster delivery salts offer you get a faster reaction and a short nic high which I simply don't get from freebase.

Riot squad have brought this range out to cater for those that still enjoy that nicotine throat hit but with the fast nicotine delivery that salt nicotine offers, a blend of freebase and salt based nicotine is the best of both worlds.

I've been enjoying hybrids more than I expected, it's the nicotine throat hit that I missed, hybrids really give you the best of both worlds.

50VG / 50PG Ratio
10ml Bottle Size
Made in the UK
Hybrid nicotine salt / Freebase formula
Ideal for use with vape pods and MTL tanks

They come in either 10mg (1%) or 20mg (2%)

Riot Squad Nicotine Salts Hybrid 10ml range

The signature bullet style bottles of Riot Squad look superb and the nozzle is the perfect size, you will have no problems filling up your tanks or pods with this one, they are fairly firm but easy to squeeze.

Riot Squad Nicotine Salt Flavours Kizoku Limit

My weapon of choice to flavour test the Riot Squad Hybrid range was my Kizoku Techmod with the superb Limit RTA, this is my benchmark tank for testing MTL juices, I also tested the juices in a few of my favourite pods as the 50/50 mix is suitable for all MTL pods.

Cream Leaf Tobacco Riot Salts

Cream Leaf 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
Get stirred up with this creamy, smooth and rich tasting vape, paired with the boisterous taste of lit tobacco.

The description of this flavour is spot on, this is where 'hybrid' really works for me, a smooth baccie throat hit and the benefit of instant nicotine hit, easily an all day vape.

Bubblegun 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
A delicious old school bubble gum blend, taking you right back to your childhood with each puff.

Bubble-Gun Bubble-gum Riot Salts

I love the wordplay 'Bubble-Gun' but don't worry this doesn't taste of those washing up liquid bubbles you blew as a kid, this is indeed a lush Bubble-gum flavour, they have got this recipe just right and I enjoyed every drop, the best part is you always get plenty of flavour (unlike the real bubble-gum that fades).

 Cherry Fizzle 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad

Feel the fizz with this deep cherry vape, then let the turmoil begin between the fighting notes of sweet then sour on your taste buds. 

Cherry Fizzle Riot Salts Prime Vapes

Ever since I started vaping I have struggled with any cherry flavours, it's just one of those flavours I don't like so I cannot give a balanced opinion on this flavour sorry, all I can say is if the other flavours are anything to go by and you like cherry then it should be a safe bet for you.

Exotic Fruit Frenzy 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
Get all mixed up with this cool tropical fruit fist to the face of cantaloupe and passion fruit, an exotic punch that will make you forget the anarchy of life.

Exotic Fruit Frenzy Riot Salts Hybrid

Another fruity blend, this one is a little more citrus than the Tropical Fruit Frenzy, the flavour is different enough that I enjoyed it for different reasons, I found this one leaves a more smooth and a subtle aftertaste which makes it easily an all day vape choice.

Loaded Lemon Custard 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
Let custard chaos begin with this creamy pudding that is sent to leave your tongue lingering with a tart lemon zing.

Loaded Lemon Custard Nic Salts

I have tried this flavour before, there's no surprises with the flavour description, probably the best Lemon Tart I have tasted in nic salts, it is already on my regular orders but it's more of an occasional treat flavour due to it being quite sweet.

Pink Grenade 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
Prepare to get in a fizz as this weapon is charged up with lemon and explosive strawberry lemonade.

Pink Grenade Riot Salts 50/50

Pink Grenade? WTF is that supposed to be? Personally it bugs me when flavour names give you no idea of the actual flavour, in fact I have ignored this one previously, fortunately it was 'forced' on me as turns out I had missed out on a hidden gem in this range.

Describing it is a bit tricky but I would have to go with the Lemon & Strawberry Lemonade, imagine a lemonade with a strawberry kick, all I know is this worked a treat, one of those flavours I really enjoy during the summer as it f**ks with your head to make it feel refreshing, fortunately it didn't explode in my face either! :p

Sublime 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
Subversive flavours of sweet acidic lime and lemon, that will mess up your senses and leave you with a sour aftertaste.

Sub Lime Nic Salts Riot Squad 10ml

I was already familiar with this flavour as I order this one regularly, it's a nice zesty refreshing flavour and one I enjoy as an all day vape and it's not too sweet, one of my favourites.

Sweet Leaf 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
Immerse yourself into sweetness with this delicate vanilla flavour, doubled up with savoury tobacco.

Sweet Leaf Tobacco Nic Salt

Another Tobacco based flavour, this one is more subtle as the vanilla tones give it a smoother overall flavour, this is a better all day tobacco vape for me personally as I do like the vanilla aftertaste.

Tropical Fury 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
A powerful mix of bashed tropical fruit combined to deliver a tangy orange intense vape with a sparkly, cool aftertaste.

Tropical Fury Nic Salts Riot Squad

"Bashed" Tropical Fruits amused me, this flavour was right up my street as long as its not too sweet and fortunately it is just right for me, I couldn't pick up a dominant flavour, just a smooth blend creating a lush overall fruity flavour, the aftertaste was quite refreshing too.

Blue Burst 10ml Hybrid Nic Salt By Riot Squad
Immerse yourself into sub-zero temperatures with this icy blue raspberry slush, a menthol explosion to set your senses alight

Pod Juice Riot Squad Nic Salts

I decided to mix this last one up and go straight for a pod vape, the rather excellent Joytech ObliQ which is guaranteed to deliver the full flavour.

I'm not really a Menthol fan so I wasn't expecting to enjoy this one, fortunately the menthol was subtle enough so you got a nice full flavoured blueberry inhale and a fresher aftertaste, perhaps my preconceptions of 'menthol' have been wrong as I really enjoyed this one enough to add it to my re-order list.

Pod Fodder
Although I used my Limit RTA to test the majority of the flavours I tend to mostly use pods with my nic salts as the 50/50 mix is ideal and 20mg option gives a really nice hit, there are some superb pods around these days and just easier for everyday use.

Pod Fodder

5 for 15 quid is a bit of a no brainer for Riot Salts and there's plenty of choice for you to try some different flavours you wouldn't normally try, you will likely find a few pleasant surprises as I did.

I have also tried the new PUNX flavours, I bloody loved the lot of those, very intense and perfect for pods, overall I really rate Riot Squad juices as it's rare I find any that are sink fodder, it's a brand I trust and have been using for well over a year now.

Obviously taste is subjective, but if you like the sound of the flavour then I think these are worth a punt.
RRP £4.99 Sale price = £3.99 (Save 20%)
Or better still you can get any 5 for £15 (£3 each)