Hellbeast RDA By Hellvape Overview & Build Guide

Whether you squonk or drip finding a decent RDA can be 'hell' but we think we have found just the beast for you, we put the Hellvape Hellbeast through its paces, including a handy build & wicking guide.

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Hellvape Hellbeast RDA Build Guide

  • Size: 24mm(D) x 36.8mm(H)
  • Coil: Dual Coil
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Thread: 510 thread/BF Pin
  • 24mm diameter with ample build space
  • Trinity stepped airflow design for precise AFC
  • Dislocation post design for counter-clockwise coil
  • 72 1.2mm air holes to hit the coils directly
  • Deep honeycomb intake structure for superior air cooling
  • Knurled grip to adjust the airflow with ease
  • Wide 810 drip tip for DTL vape experience
  • Bottom feeding pin included for most squonk mods

Take a look at the full details (well worth a look as it's a very interesting RDA)

Hellvape Hellbeast RDA

The Hellbeast comes in a menacing box which has some superb artwork and gloss embossed images, on the back are the full details and contents.

Hellvape Hellbeast RDA Unboxing

There's an outer sleeve and a 2 piece box, lifting the lid reveals the RDA and a pull out box of all the extras, there's a very generous bundle included:

Hellbeast RDA Contents

There's even a little coil trimming template which is either 5mm or 7mm, the 5mm is for the included coils and the 7mm is for opposite handed wraps, you get absolutely everything you need to build the RDA which is perfect.

The RDA is a typical 4 piece construction (including the 810 drip tip) and really well machined, everything feels smooth and a good fit, taking it apart is very easy.

Hellbeast RDA By Hellvape Construction

The layout of the posts is really interesting in the way they are staggered, the theory is that you can simply trim and pop the coils in without needing to adjust, this turned out to be superb in practice.

Hellbeast RDA By Hellvape

The airflow ring is also superb, one of the most interesting layouts I have seen in an RDA and there's a lot of variation, the adjustment ring is surprisingly smooth right out of the box and even smoother if you add a dab of eliquid.

Hellbeast RDA By Hellvape Squonk Pin

If you intend to use the RDA as a squonk atty then you will need to swap over the standard (dripper) pin over to the included squonk pin (Hellvape even include an allen key for this), simply unscrew and replace.

Building & Wicking
This is one of the easiest RDA's to build on, the deck design is well thought out, the first thing you need to do is trim the coils down using snips and the included coil jig to the 5mm end.

Hellvape Hellbeast Coil Jig

Once that's done it's a case of unscrewing the post screws, slipping the coils in and tightening them up, I raised the coils every so slightly to ensure they didn't bottom out.

Hellbeast RDA Coil Fitting Guide

I was impressed how well the coils lined up, no need to wrestle them with a coil rod, I felt they should be closer together BUT I wanted to build as per the manual and leave them in the default position and see how it vapes.

I did slightly space the coils which is just personal preference but they are fine left as is if spacing isn't your thing, you will need to dry burn at lower wattage to strum out the hotspots (spaced coils require less strumming), I used around 30 watts for this, don't dry burn them too much, a gentle orange glow is enough to see any hotspots.

Wicking is always a tricky thing to perfect, the cliché 'not too tight, not too loose' is always vague and practice makes perfect, but in this case the included cotton is absolutely perfect.

Hellbeast Wicking Guide

One wick is long enough to wick two coils so pull the first one almost fully through (so you still have the shoelace in place for the next) and trim it slightly longer than the base, ideally the cotton legs should be just long enough to rest on the inner base of the deck, try not to over stuff it.

Fluff the ends out (don't thin them) and tuck the legs into the base and tidy up as required, as mentioned; the cotton should be touching the base, pre saturate the coils with eliquid by dripping your juice onto the coils and pulsing at low watts, repeat this until all of the cotton is saturated.

It's time to pop it back together, I lubricated the seals with a little juice to make fitting easier, pop it onto your mod/squonker and take it for a vape.

Hellvape Hellbeast RDA Squonking

Ideally this RDA is better on a dual battery mod as the build worked out at 0.16 Ohms, but you can get away with a single cell, it requires a high wattage to get the best out of the beast, so naturally I started with 66.6 Watts (the number of the beast) well 66.5 was as close as I could get - bah!

Naturally the first draw was saturated but damn was it good, I did end up around 80 watts for a much warmer intense vape, the airflow was airy enough and I closed it off to suit my preference, it's the flavour that is the most striking thing from this RDA, squonking was easy and tactile, the wicking worked a charm and kept up nicely, with the raised deck and airflow then oversquonking won't be an issue.

Prime Vapes Hellbeast RDA Apple Crumble Juice

I had expected to adjust the coils closer together but I couldn't fault it as is, this impressed me more so now and underlined just how easy this RDA was to build and it will appeal to first timers, I would go as far as to say that it would be more difficult to get the build wrong than right.

Naturally this Hellbeast worked just as well as a dripper but I did find I needed to remove the 810 drip tip for better access, I wasn't too sure about the drip tip but it was surprisingly comfortable so I've kept it on.

The Hellvape Hellbeast RDA might look simple but there's some smart engineering to make this one of the best flavour giving RDA's, easy to build and great value for money, this RDA will suit novice and experienced users alike.

Turns out Hell is Heavenly.

RRP = £27.99 Sale price £19.99 (Save 29%)